Services are offered both in person or by phone appointment.

Energy Healing with me

In this 1-1 session I will lovingly tune into your energy and clear any blocks in your field on a physical, mental and emotional level. I will connect with Source Divine energy and Reiki Energy and channel loving healing energy that uplifts and realigns you on every level of your being. I will delve into your consciousness with you and help you identify any limiting thoughts or beliefs that may be holding you back from living your life at your highest potential and I complete the session with raising your energy vibration and grounding. This healing session leaves a client feeling lighter, more solid in self and with a strong sense of wellbeing, connection and zest for life.

70/ 1 hour

Affirmation/Angel Card Reading + Raise, Replacement and Realignment of Energy.

In this 1-1 session I will be guided to choose the perfect Affirmation for you and through this Affirmation Reading, I will tune into and clear your energy. I will finish with raising your energy, replacing old patterns of thinking with your new positive Affirmation and I will realign your energy and connection to source and the Source Divine within.

70/ 40 mins

Healing with the Angels

I am so blessed to have a wonderful growing and glowing team of Angels working with me and through me. It is my highest joy and honour to be able to channel their love, support, wisdom and teach about their Divine Light. In this 1-1 session I will connect with the Angelic Realm and Channel their loving Rays of Healing Rainbow Light and the support you need. I will choose an Angel Card on your behalf to bring in further guidance, clarity and healing. I finish the healing session with a guided Heart Meditation to connect you with your own Guardian Angel. This healing session with me and the Angels is gentle and loving in its nature and will rejuvenate and reset mind, body and spirit.

70/ 1 hour

Transform & Heal your Thoughts, Life, Energy Coaching

Thoughts become things- life is magical. In this 1-1session I help, support and empower you to identify your goals, dreams and wishes and we look at the limiting thoughts, beliefs or behaviours that may be keeping you from what you want. I will teach you about Law of Attraction principles and will help you line up your energy with what you are asking for and I will complete the session with a Guided Visualisation Meditation.

80/ 1 hour

Children / Teenagers

As Nelson Mandela has said "Children are our greatest treasure, they are our future", a quote I truly believe in also. At the moment the world is going through one of it's biggest shifts and changes and these changes have caused a lot of stress, anxiety, worry, fear and uncertainty for a lot of people both young and old. Children and teenagers like adults may need additional support as they move through small and big changes in their lives and so if you feel your child could do with additional support and some healing, then please feel free to contact me at 086 1948 463.

Children up to 12 years

40/ 1 hour


50/ 1 hour

For best results, I recommend 3 – 6 sessions

However each person is different and may have different needs, as such I will assess each person individually and make a recommendation at the end of each session. The choice will always be yours.

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