Marita, Co. Westmeath.

Josephine, Co. Westmeath.

I have had the pleasure of having healing energy sessions with Caroline , and I found them just amazing , I felt so much better , lighter And experienced so much clarity ! Caroline conducts her healings In a very professional and confidential manner , she will go above and beyond to do the best she can to help you ! I would recommend her to anyone and I would also encourage you to book an appointment you won’t be disappointed.

Marcella, Co. Westmeath

I’ve been receiving beautiful energy healing from Caroline Lawlor for the past 2 years she is a very genuine spiritual lady with a special gift her eyes are unique and its like she can connect with you straight away and tune in to what’s going on with you and her healing sessions are just so relaxing, and I was also the lucky winner of a distant healing session by phone and it was just as beneficial as when I actually visited her I am so grateful to Caroline for all the healing and support I’ve received from her over the past 2 years I highly recommend this wonderful lady with such a special gift.

San, Co. Offaly.

I have had the pleasure of attending Caroline on a few occasions. This lady is fantastic at what she does, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I can guarantee you will not be sorry it's just a wonderful experience.

Mary, Co Westmeath.

Hi, my name is Mary and I am from Westmeath. I was feeling very tired and stressed, always rushing in my life with a lot to do. I needed something or someone to help me. Fortunately, I was told about Caroline Lawlor and I can honestly say it was the best decision I made to make an appointment for one of her healing sessions. Caroline is a very caring and genuine lady who knows exactly what she is doing. She was so kind to me. She listened to what I wasn’t telling her and was very gentle in her approach with me. Her room is so relaxing, I was very unsure when I first arrived but Caroline soon put my mind at ease. I felt lighter and also closer to two people who have passed away and I still hadn’t come to terms with it, even though it’s been a few years now and I thought I had dealt with it. I would recommend Caroline to anybody who feels something is weighing them down but is unsure what. I hope in the near future to have more appointments with this lovely lady who has the angels on her side. Regards Mary xx

Tanya, Co. Westmeath.

My name is Tanya I have been with Caroline about 12 months now and she has really turned my life around before I went to her I suppose I was quite negative about a lot of things she made me see all the good things in my life instead of always moaning about the things I don't have, I deal with everything in my life so much better and easier now as she has thought me so much, She is a very beautiful and genuine person and so so caring, One thing I really respect about Caroline is that your apt is not an hour it's as long as it needs to be. I often could have a pain somewhere in my body and the minute I leave Caroline the pains goes. I have also brought all my children to her one of my children is nervous and she helped him in a huge way, she also does my animals and can tell me exactly where their problem are. To sum it all up Caroline is truly an amazing person.

Karen, Co. Westmeath.

I attended Caroline last year. It was quite a relaxing experience. She has a warm, calming and empathetic nature. She is very intuitive and picked up on the areas where I held tension in my shoulders and other pressure points. I came out feeling fantastic, relaxed, rejuvenated and like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. She’s a gifted, kind and gentle soul who I highly recommend you check out. The sense of calm, well being and rebalance that takes place after the healing session is quite unique. In all our lives we don’t self invest in our own well being and healing. Only through healing and self~development can we grow as a person, and bring more to each other's lives. Fighting past hurts and embracing a new, more confident and less self-doubting person. Her healing sessions are second to none, and I definitely will be going back for more. Self-investment and healing is the way forward and a calming, gentle and relaxing experience is worth so much in this life.

Caoimhe, Co. Roscommon

I first met Caroline in 2018 when I started her weekly meditation classes in Athlone and Moate, the meditation classes were brilliant, they offered many different techniques and activities to suit all abilities within the class wether it was dealing with stress, anxiety or just to have a quiet moment to ground yourself, the guided meditation worked brilliant for me as I found previously when I meditated I was unable to focus and my mind would wander, we would do different activities every week, my favourite been the vision board night and the angel night, the vision board class really stood out to me as I loved the creative element of cutting up magazines and colouring in my worksheet, it was such a mindful and creative activity and gave me great focus on different elements of my goals and my life in general. I also enjoyed the angel night so much I did another weekend angel workshop afterwards. After the meditation classes finished up I started going to Caroline for one to one reiki healing sessions, I usually go once a month as it’s my little treat and self care moment. To say I feel amazing coming out of my sessions is an understatement, alot of times I don’t realise how badly I needed the session untill I come out, I always feel so much lighter and the energy and positivity I have afterwards is unbelievable, Caroline is so intuitive I don’t even need to say where I was having issues as she would have already picked up on them,the great thing about the healing sessions is with every feeling or ailment, Caroline will always explain how it is related or why my body is reacting a certain way and gives me advice or the tools I need to prevent it from happening again. After about a year of going to my one to one reiki sessions and from experiencing how beneficial and the impact it had made on my life, I decided to learn reiki for myself, I did my level 1 reiki with Caroline, we had a group of 6 people and I had such an amazing weekend, I was initially nervous and doubted if I would be able to learn reiki but Caroline instantly made me feel at ease and removed any doubts or nerves I had, the whole weekend was filled with fun and laughter and so much positivity and encouragement, I still have my workbook from the weekend to refer to as it had so much information and I know I can contact Caroline with any queries or concerns I have. Since doing my reiki one I haven’t looked back, I use it constantly and my health and well-being has never been better and I can’t wait to join Caroline again for my level 2 reiki, I’ve always found wether im doing a workshop with Caroline or a reiki session it’s always a positive and up lifting experience. Caroline is so warm and approachable I’ve always felt at ease with her from the first time I met her. Caroline has a fabulous way of making all her workshops and sessions fun and light hearted and her knowledge and intuition is amazing.

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