Restored Health and Healing

This month wonderful Capricorns your Angels are letting you know that a time of great healing is underway for you, so be gentle with yourself, rest, relax, receive and replenish, soon you will feel the benefits from doing and allowing your wellbeing to be fully restored. This card holds the energy of Emerald which is associated with healing, but also speaks of plenty, so know that the Angels are sending you plenty of healing, love, light, support especially in the areas of the heart and also in the area of your finances, things are on the up. This card also speaks of many of you shopping, getting ready for Christmas and also it's like your getting your energy ready for the winter season. Finally this is a card that talks about prayers for healing for others been answered, so see you and everyone else as been well, healthy and happy, this will allow your energy and vibration to stay high and so it is. I wish you all a wonderful month and send you lots of love.